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Colema Boards® are the recognized leader
in home enema board kits. 

The Colema Boards® Home Enema Kit is designed to simplify self-administration of an enema in the privacy of your own home.  The Colema Board® provides thorough and safe cleansing of the lower colon for relief of occasional constipation and bowel cleansing.

The use of the Colema Board® Kit increases comfort and effectiveness by allowing you to lie comfortably in one position during administration of the enema solution and elimination of waste. 

Own the 'original' and most effective home enema board kit - The Colema Board

Endorsed by health authors including Dr. Bernard Jensen, V. E. Irons, Sr., Patricia Bragg, Daniel Reid, Loree Taylor Jordan and more...

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Please consult with your physician or practitioner before use or if you have questions concerning the use of an enema kit. Colema Boards® of California does not make any therapeutic or curative claims regarding the use of this product. Colema Boards® of California does not intend to diagnose, prescribed, treat illness with any of its literature or products.

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